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"The damp morning air hung still over the land, and the light rain, that had fallen just a few hours before, raised a fine mist over the field. Blackbirds, robins and warblers sang with renewed vigour and crows cawed, as if to put on a dawn performance fit for a king. And in the long grass, lay a prince; a roe deer fawn......."

"Telling The True Story Of A Baby Roe Deer's First Year Of Life"

It seems incredible that you could write a book telling the true story about a baby roe deer's first year of life, the same one as you see in the picture above. Smaller than many dogs and normally only observable from a distance, roe deer are very nervous and will take flight from the slightest of disturbances. And yet, recently, I've been fortunate enough to witness the first year of a roe deer's life. From when he was a tiny, helpless fawn lying in the long grass, waiting for his mother to come and feed him, right the way through to when he was big enough to venture out on his own.  It was a wonderful journey and I would like to share it with you.

The Book, "Raising Sky; A Roe Deer's Year"

Set in southern England, "Raising Sky; A Roe Deer's Year" , tells the true story of how a roe deer raised her single fawn on the rich, fertile lands of the Dorset countryside.

This is not a picture book. Containing only words, and written in the form of a true story (although some artistic license has been used to weave the various events together), it describes a year in the life of a mother deer (called, Sable) as she prepares her male fawn (Sky) for adulthood. In just over one hundred pages, you will discover the various adventures they went on and how the pair overcame the many threats to their lives.


You will also discover the other animals they encountered, including the time when Sable had to chase off a marauding fox, to defend her youngster.

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"A true story that will linger in your memory long after you've put the book down."

The book also describes how the relationship with the other deer in the area, changed through the seasons. There was the surprisingly long-drawn out courtship between Sable and the territory's master buck, the tension with her previous year's fawns and the lead up to the confrontation between Sky and his older brother, Brock.

In A Nutshell


It is about what happens in the secretive world of the roe deer. Although the deer have been given names, they were not pets, or captive, in any way. They were completely wild animals. They trusted me enough to let me into their lives, to reveal the delicate care and attention that a mother deer bestows onto her fawn, as she prepares it for life on its own. 


The tender relationship between Sable and Sky was very moving; this book will give you a fascinating insight into the lives of these shy and reclusive deer. 

A Real, Physical Book

In spite of this being the day and age of instant downloads and e-books, Raising Sky: A Roe Deer's Year is a real, physical book, that you can actually hold and feel, in your own hands. Every copy has been numbered and signed, so each book is unique.


This price is just £9.99, plus £2.99 p&p (Delivery by Royal Mail).


To Get Your Numbered And Signed Copy, Click Here. 

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