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A Year in the Life of a Roe Deer

  • 165 pages, 17.5 cm x 25 cm softback book

  • A journey into their world

  • Photographs and words reveal the true lives of these reclusive animals

  • A visual and written account of two mothers raising their fawns in the wild, as well as showing the factious relationship that exists between the bucks​

  • Natural behaviour shown and explained, from baby deer feeding from their mother, to fully grown adult males savagely fighting for dominance  ​

  • Ideal for wildlife photographers and people who want to discover more about natural history​

  • Foreword by Laurie Campbell - renowned natural history photographer for over 40 years

Cover image for the book A Year in the Life of a Roe Deer
Laurie Campbell


"Roe deer are no ordinary subjects, not least because although they are common throughout Britain, they are shy and exceptionally sensitive to disturbance, with the result that most photographs we see of them tend to show an animal staring directly at the camera.

What we see in this book is entirely different, almost as if we are looking at a different species; one that is relaxed and exhibiting natural behaviour. I am not aware of any other nature photographer working in the UK, or beyond, that has achieved such extensive coverage of so many aspects of the lives of these beautiful animals.


.....thank goodness he did and that we are all now able to share a glimpse into the world of these beautiful animals." 

Mother roe deer and fawn.


Gaining the trust of a small group of wild roe deer made it possible to observe their natural, undisturbed behaviour.  

But please note: This is not a large, glossy, coffee table type of book that has been produced by a big publisher. Instead, to make each book individual, it has been printed by a local printer and every copy purchased from this website will be numbered and signed by myself.

Taking the photographs needed for the 150 pictures that appear in this book, and recording the various events that occur in a roe deer's life, took thousands of hours, but everything has been condensed down into just 165 pages. So, if you have an interest in wildlife, and in particular, the private life of this beautiful species of deer, I believe you will enjoy reading it just as much as I did writing it.   



United Kingdom, £19.99, plus £5 p&p.

Europe and Worldwide, £19.99, plus £10 p&p. 

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"It is rather special. This is a book that any roe aficionado would want to have on their bookshelf."

Charles Smith-Jones, technical advisor to the British Deer Society

"The photographs have lifted the book to a whole new level. 

This has created a book that anyone, whether they have a specific interest in deer, or a general ecological interest will gain a huge amount of information from." 


Howard Smith

"I’ve just now finished the book. Wow, loved it. The images are amazing, every page I thought I’d found the best and then I’d turnover and the next would be better again. The text is a great compliment too. I enjoyed the story angle, and getting to know the individuals. And then the science and biology information took the understanding to a deeper level, without getting too complicated for a layman like me. "

William Watson-Armstrong

"Your book should be the standard text for anyone who wishes to understand roe deer."  

S. Rhys-Williams

"The photography is simply stunning and the book is wonderfully written, comprehensive and understandable.  

It has shed new light on what I have been witnessing and I feel more informed about my own roe deer."  


Andy McWilliam, Merseyside

"Superb photographs, a well written and easy read, not too technical or scientific, just the right information and good storylines. The book's actual size was a benefit too to display the quality of the photos."


David Enders

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