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Roe deer walking2.jpg


Photographing roe deer throughout year

A deer's appearance and behaviour vary considerably throughout a twelve months time period, and as a result, they make interesting subjects to photograph and observe at any time of the year.  


On each of the links below, I have listed the key behaviours that you are likely to see throughout the year, plus given a brief, general discussion about the what happens during each month.  

You will see that the first month on the list is May, rather than January. The reason for that is because a roe deer's annual cycle starts in May, and ends in April.


This is when (April) any previous year's young are probably going to be classed as independent, and when (May) most pregnant females are likely to give birth to their new fawns. Although, of course, the timings are not precise; their body is affected by the number of daylight hours and climate of where they live, plus, they are great individualists, meaning that there is variation even within a given roe deer community. 



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