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Aboutdeer.com has been created for those people who have an interest in deer, especially roe deer.


This website contains a number of articles about the biology of roe deer and deer photography. You can also order copies of the book A Year in the Life of a Roe Deer.

About Mark Nicolaides

I have maintained an active interest in wildlife for over thirty years, and for more than twenty of those years, it has been a privilege to have worked as a school teacher and educated young people about the workings of the natural world. In 2014, it was an honour to receive an award from the Institute of Physics for the outstanding achievements of my students, many of which have gone to carry out their own scientific research.   


When it comes to nature, I have a particular interest in the wildlife found in the British Isles. Recent work has focused on the day-to-day behaviour and life cycle of roe deer.

Seeing nature in all its forms, plays an important part in us being able to appreciate the significance and beauty, of our native plants and animals. By sharing our work, we can bring enjoyment to ourselves and others, whilst at the same time, hopefully showing that nature has a place in this busy world alongside us.


It was a pleasure to write Swan Life and Raising Sky; A Roe Deer's Year. Both books are based on observations made in the field, and are designed give you, the reader, a real understanding of the hidden day-to-day life of two of the most widespread animals in the UK. 

Many thanks for your interest, and I hope you enjoy looking around this website.

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