Deer Photography - September

Key behaviours / activities to look out for this month are:

  • Fawns become weaned.

  • Reduced activity overall, particularly from adult bucks, but younger males still very active

  • Mother and fawns frequently seen together.


September is when things certainly calm down a little.

Bucks and does that where almost inseparable during the rut, are once again solitary.

The younger bucks in the range will still be quite active though, and will sometimes behave in a territorial manner. 

And when they meet, you can photograph the aggressive behaviour that can occur, although these not the savage confrontations occurred earlier in the year.  

At this time, the lovely warm light that occurs at either end of the day, lasts for little longer than it did a month or so ago. 

By September, the majority of the fawns will be weaned, but the youngsters will still pester their mother before they eventually get the message that their mother has stopped producing milk.

Although no longer nursing her young, she will still make sure her fawns are well fed. 

The connection between mother and fawn is a strong one. 

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