Deer Photography - October

Key behaviours / activities to look out for this month are:

  • Possibility of a 'false rut'.

  • General quietening down of roe deer behaviour, especially towards the end of the month for the bucks.

  • Mothers and fawns regularly seen together.


In some instances, there can be short resumption to territorial behaviour in early October (or late September), and you can make photographs of them behaving in a similar way to how they did in the summer...

... with the young males displaying a lot interest in the does. 

But as the month wears on, the bucks can become elusive and hide away in heavy cover. 

Maintaining the bond between parent and offspring is not just about the mother grooming the youngster; the mother herself appreciates contact from the fawn to her.

The youngsters will need the guidance of their mother to stand the highest chance of making it through the lean months ahead. 

Although during October, there is normally abundant of fruit available from blackthorn berries (sloe) to rosehips, which the roe deer will readily browse on. 

You will often find the deer hunkering down in scrubby vegetation.


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