Deer Photography - July

Key behaviours / activities to look out for this month are:

  • Fawns become more visible, as they increasingly frequently accompany their mother around her home range.

  • Savage battles occur between territorial males, as testosterone levels spike prior to the rut.

  • Males and females seek mutual proximity for the peak in the mating season.


You can more easily photograph the fawns during this month; they are getting larger and starting to accompany their mother around her home range. 

Regular close contact and grooming maintain that all important bond between mother and fawn. 

All healthy, non-fawn bucks will be aggressive in July, although these two are not properly fighting. 

And this is what all males are genetically 'hardwired' to strive to become - the epitome of roebuck success: a large, dominant beast. 

At this time of year, can photograph the master buck patrolling his territory. 

Any comparable male blundering onto his patch, will be confronted. 

Ensuing battles will be savage, until one of them (nearly always the intruder) is beaten into submission. 

Although battles do have a price, even for the winner. 

Towards the end of the month, the rut can start, and the bucks and does seek each other's company. 

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