Deer Photography - February

Key behaviours / activities to look out for this month are:

  • Continued period of relative inactivity in the roe deer community, but pregnant does start to show slight increase in feeding behaviour

  • Adverse weather conditions significant impact on the deer whereabouts.

  • Social behaviour in family groups.


A spell of cold weather can make the deer even less active than more (more so than the parental does that are pregnant again).  

The really good aspect of heavy rain is that it's possible to photograph the moment when the deer shake themselves down. 

Of course, there can be too much rain....! 

The bucks are certainly more social in winter. Many authors have written that non-biologically related roe deer refrain from non-aggressive physical contact with each other, apart from during courtship in the rut. But it can happen occasionally: Here a mature doe offers up her nose to the biggest buck in the area, which he duly tenderly licks. The doe fawn watching the interaction in the background is highly likely to be his daughter.  

Shortly, his antlers will be fully grown, and he will be the master once again. 

During this social period of the year, you can get the opportunity of photographing the matriarchal behaviour of a family group. 

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