Deer Photography - August

Key behaviours / activities to look out for this month are:

  • Adult males are especially active during the first part of the month.

  • Bucks and does regularly seen together (often for days at a time), during the rut.

  • Fawns more regularly seen with their mother.


Bucks are frequently seen moving around the range during the rut. Territoriality makes them lose a lot of their normally, cautious nature. 

Pre-oestrus does emit pheromones that pull in the virile bucks like iron filings to a magnet. 

You can photograph them moving around together across the range. 

The amorous doe will lead her attendant male on a merry dance, sometimes round in circles, or a figure-of-eight path. This is known as a doe ring.

Finally, after many hours of chasing, resting and more chasing - normally stretching over a period of days - she will eventually stand still and allow him to mount her. 

The parental does continue to feed heavily. 

As they continue to nurse their youngsters. 

August is a good month to photograph the mother with her young, as the fawns become significantly less elusive, after their mother has rutted. 

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