Deer Photography - April

Key behaviours / activities to look out for this month are:

  • Buck fawns becoming increasingly restless and separate from their mother.

  • Adult bucks becoming very aggressive.

  • Mothering females still with their doe fawns, but their bond weakening.


Watching the buck fawns will reveal to you how they practise the the type of behaviour they will exhibit as an adult, on their mother. The untidy part of his coat on the upper part of his neck is due to the spring moult. 

As the juvenile bucks break the bond with their mother, you will have the chance to photograph them chasing each other.

The peeling away of the velvet around the new antlers appears to irritate the buck; he expedites the shedding process by vigorously rubbing his headgear up and down whippy stems. It also deposits his scent on the vegetation, which has a territorial purpose. This is known as fraying.

Another way of marking is rubbing the scent glands located in their head on tree trunks, etc... Any isolated stem, is likely to be a target. 

Eventually, the males will come together, head-to-head. 

Pregnant mothers will still be with their doe fawns, but their bond will be weakening; within weeks, their new fawns will be born and the year will begin again. 

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